Stick Ninja: Ultimate Legends Mod Apk (Unlock all characters)

Stick Ninja: Ultimate Legends will be an amazing free addictive fighting game on your mobile.
This game will give you the chance to live a part of the shadows in stickman characters to fight in the 4th Great Shinobi War and more battles in the Ninja Saga with enemies and protect everyone from your hidden village.
You have the most basic control ever! Only need to dodge, jump, power your chakra, become the ultimate storm and destroy your evil enemies with your skills. Let cheer with this new dockan.
Information battles fight along with stories about famous anime stickman!
Fight against hordes of enemies and complete missions using all
Master the team's field skills, discover new Rasengan ninjutsu and become the next Hokage stick in the shadow of the first ultimate ninja! With a collection of 30+ unique ninja & shinobi Shippuden styles and each Jutsu.
Mission Mode Based on the original Anime Storyline stick man fight!
• Mission Mode lets you relive the naruto story experience
• Battle through stories from the original stickman ninja series against anime games
. Nage Kage Shinobi Battle Tournament Arena in a fight between the hidden and more hidden green villages.

Stick Ninja: Ultimate Legends Mod Apk (Unlock all characters)

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