From Zero to Hero: Cityman Mod Apk (Currency use is not reduced)

Start your career as an unemployed man without a house or money.

Find the first way to earn money, get a job, study, go up the company ladder, trade in the stock market, and win money in casinos, buy cars, houses, and planes, do anything, but become president before your character dies of old age.

Life Simulation:
- Start your life as a poor person without money, work or home;
- Find money for food;
- Buy your own clothes and your first room in the hostel;
- Register at a university and advance to get more;
- Win money at the casino;
- Trading on the stock market;
- Climb the company ladder;
- Find yourself a boyfriend and make a virtual family;
- Don't forget to go to the hospital, take care of your character, and take him to the resort;
- go bowling, play billiards, attend concerts to increase happiness;
- Start your own business and get your first million;
- Become a president if you make it through all the challenges and don't die of old age.

From Zero to Hero: Cityman Mod Apk (Currency use is not reduced)

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